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I have been using LBDA for 10 plus years since moving from the San Diego area where I had tried 2 other dentist offices with varying degrees of satisfaction. No 1, I don't think anyone enjoys going to the dentist if you need fillings, crowns, root canals etc. as I have done. The difference I have noticed at LBDA is that they care about the big picture; from Dr. Sutherland to the present dentists, hygienist's and tech' staff they teach you a better understanding of oral care and what is necessary for healthy maintenance of teeth and gums. I had a crown procedure yesterday and with the new technology they use I was done in a little over an hour. No pain killers needed, just a little tenderness that evening and I'm eating normally less than 24 hours later. This is my 9th or 10th crown and easily the most straight forward and discomfort free. In short, they care, they do excellent work and I wouldn't use anywhere else!

Steve H. from Yelp

I transferred to this location from the Torrance location when I moved into the area, I was sad to give up my hygienist but then I met Sophie and am very happy with the care I receive. Dr. Sutherland was no longer able to keep travelling back and forth so Dr. "B" took over and I think she's great! I am treated very nicely by all the staff and love Dr. B's concern and care for my mouth as I have been having problems. To me, it now seems to run smoother than when Dr. Sutherland was there!!! My husband still goes to Torrance as it is closer to work and he has had a couple of problems both with not being told the dentist performed gum surgery and couldn't understand why his mouth hurt so much after what he thought was a routine type root canal and a new finance person was difficult . I know in my case, for a fact, that I lost enamel on quite a few of my upper teeth due to a gluten intolerance complication as I wasn't diagnosed until I was 50. I was told years ago when I first got the veneers that they were guaranteed and I trust them I was upset when I found out a tooth underneath a veneer decayed even under the veneer and needed an implant. The 1st implant wasn't correct and Dr B was very concerned and upset for me having to go back across the hall to the specialist and go through the procedure a 2nd time and thanked me for my patience.....she is terrific in my opinion!!! I am much happier she has taken over and feel I am treated with respect from everyone there and across the hall at the Specialists office. Everyone from the receptionists to Sophie and the assistants are very kind and seem genuinely concerned about me. I have some health issues and was unable to keep a cleaning appointment and actually went in almost 2 months later and had to have a very thorough, rougher cleaning. They offered to put numbing gel so it wouldn't be as painful...Sophie and Dr. B even offered to numb me with a shot if I was too uncomfortable!!! I have to say there was an assistant that I found rude but she went back to Torrance with Dr. Sutherland and no longer comes to both offices and now I have no qualms with any of the staff. For those of you who used to come years ago, I agree it wasn't always pleasant but with Dr. B on board, I don't dread going to the dentist!!!! I assure you that I am not on the staff as someone said that any good review is probably written by a staff member as I agree some years back the office was run as smoothly as now and I'm glad I stayed through the transition and wouldn't want to leave as long as Dr. B and this staff are on board!

Barbara T. from Yelp

I've been a patient at Long Beach Dental Arts for many years. Prior to to being a patient at L....Beach Dental Arts, I was going to a dental facility that was not using state of the art equipment when performing different types of dental procedures. One thing that really impresses me about Long Beach Dental Arts is the way in which they implement and explain the need, when appropriate, for a specific preventive dental procedure. It's only after I've been properly educated and visually shown as to why a specific dental procedure is necessary that I feel confident enough to follow through with their recommended treatment. Yes, my mouth is pretty healthy today, thanks to my talented Hygienist Sophia and all the other specialists that have performed what I've always considered necessary work.....yes I've faithfully paid my co-pays, endured a little discomfort, but in the long run my own real teeth will remain in my mouth longer because of the Long Beach Dental Arts recommended preventive medical procedures.

Peter D. from Yelp

I've been a patient here for several years and have always been very well taken care of. They have the latest in dental technology and there doctors and staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. No one likes to go to the dentist, and no one likes to admit how much it can cost (especially if you don't have dental insurance), but I always felt they were giving me a fair assessment of my condition and presenting me with the best alternatives for care. It's true, they can be expensive, but I've found their costs competitive with other good dentists. It's also true that they prefer to give you the best treatment possible, which can be more expensive, rather than taking partial measures or performing less effective treatment, but when it comes to my health, even my dental health, don't you want the best options?

John M. from Yelp

This is the place to go to if you are scared of pain like me, or believe you have a difficult tooth. Trust yourself. Do not take a chance and listen to the general dentist. See the Surgeon, Dr Belton and save yourself the pain. This place is state-of-the-art with 3D Xray machines for instance. Im not sure bad reviews are talking about the same place. For me this was like Godsent. I had a wisdom tooth laying at an angle that my general dentist broke attempting to extract and gave up leaving me in unbearable pain. I did not close my eyes that night. Viccodin did nothing to stop the pain. A day later I was surprized that this Surgeon was able to remove the broken wisdom tooth and all i felt was pressure; not pain like the previous day. See Dr. Belton the Oral Surgeon and save yourself the pain in the first place. I can only speak from my experience with him. I believe he's Suite 230. The're two LBDental Arts at this address so be careful. Kudos to the entire staff also!! All I paid was $50 out of pocket at the end after they billed insurance. Thank You guys!!

Kc C. from Yelp

Everyone was really nice, Ashley was a great help. The fact that she is empowered and can use discretion in decision making had a real difference in keeping me as a long term customer. As a consumer it is important to feel that you are working with us, not against us. Dental procedures are expensive but it helps when the staff can empathize with the patients. If there were discounts and deals or coupons it would really encourage more dental visits and new customers via word of mouth.

Ken B. from Yelp

Best dentist office in Long Beach- They pick up your phone calls, get back to you with information regarding your insurance and estimate costs or other questions quickly and are HONEST- which is what I am always looking for when it comes to my dental health. Also, I have never waited more 15 minutes for my name to be called in and to get started on and I've been there 6 times. I have been in twice for cleaning. I had the same hygienist twice which I thought she was great and friendly. She took her time, explained everything she was doing,gave great suggestions as my teeth are sensitive. I also consulted with the doctor who advised me as to why I should go through with the work that needed to be done in detail knowledge and care. I appreciated that they listen and they don't push you for procedures even if they suggest them.Great all around staff who make you feel comfortable. I definitely did not feel like a number.

Mary B. from Yelp

I have been to many dentists over the years. This has been the best expierence. They are very caring and compassionate Dr. Bokhour and Nancy rock! Thank you guys for making me smile again :)

Kathleen D. from Yelp

State of the art equipment, incredibly nice and understanding staff, if your struggling financially they will find a way to help you out. Dr.Bokhour is an amazing dentist who is very gentle and caring. HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!!

Fablo E. from Yelp

My wife and i are both over 65 with a lot of dental work to have done. We went to two other dental offices and were terribly disappointed with the service and asked some friends who they go to. I went to see Dr. Sunderland and found him to be patient, understanding, and careful not to overwhelm us. We were directed to a specialist within his office and treated again with understanding to our needs and limited funds. the first part of our work has just been completed, we are on a very comfortable paymnt plan, and are looking forward to completeing the work. I read other reviews of this office ans was amazed at what was written. Their experiences were so different then mine. This is a warm and proffesional office.

Steven H. from Yelp

I would not change anything, how it's operated works perfect. I was really impressed with the receptionist, lab techs., financial/insurance consultant, dentist, the exam/xray experience and all other services provided.( I wish I could remember everyone by name!) The staff are very professional, friendly, informed and make you feel extra comfortable. I would rate the dental team as excellent! : )

Nancy A. from Yelp

Dr Nadi was excellent. I'll say this: I was impressed at the fact that so much work got done in one visit... that the crowns were made on-site and that they FIT, FIRST TIME! I am also impressed at Dr Nadi's gentle approach to me, a new and somewhat hostile patient - she defused me very well. Now, let's not get excited... I still have pain and sensitivity from the process, but overall, I am happy, given the circumstances under which I came to you. As long as you understand that I am forthright and honest and expect to be dealt with in the same manner, we will be a good fit. You'll see me back in January for a brdge and lower denture. : )

Coreen A. from Yelp

I really liked the friendly and caring staff at this office. All around a great experience for something that nobody ever really wants to have to do.

Karspiele from Google

Sophie is the best! Never any discomfort; always does a phenomenal job!!!!

Crin R. from Google

I was in a lot of pain when I arrived into the dental office, and when I left, I was happy and satisfied. The office staff was friendly, the office was super clean, the background music was soothing, and service was excellent. I will visit again. I was totally happy and pain free when I walked out.

Rosenburg K. from Google

I always appreciate the care and patience all of the staff exhibit during the appointments with my son, Ted, who is special

Jamie N. from Google

Dr. Smolkin was very patient with my son who chose to be a bit stubborn all of a sudden. We are always treated very well by the entire staff of Long Beach Dental Arts. Thank you

Sanjuann K. from Google


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